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Making a Referralhelp

SOLACE is here to help you. There is no problem that is too small.

  1. Read: please take time to read the Referral Criteria.
  2. Refer: complete the Online Referral Form yourself, or on behalf of another sister. Alternatively, referrals can be made by calling the SOLACE phone line.
  3. Receive: you will be contacted by a SOLACE Keyworker

Referral Criteria

SOLACE aims to help revert sisters who are facing difficulties in their lives. In order to offer support during these times, volunteers will be allocated to sisters who are experiencing any of the following circumstances:

  • going through illness or other major health problems, or recovering from childbirth or surgery
  • feeling lonely and isolated
  • experiencing marital problems or struggling after separation or divorce
  • suffering from physical or psychological abuse
  • needing someone to talk to about how their problems
  • needing an intermediary between themselves and non Muslim family members
  • thinking of leaving Islam or having doubts about Islam
  • suffering from depression
  • wanting to start afresh and needing to feel positive about self, life and Islam
  • facing other problems that are difficult to cope with alone

We recognise that this list does not cover every problem that revert sisters may be facing. Please contact us if you are in difficulties not covered here, no matter how small, and we will do our best to support you insha'Allah.

We regret that we are only able to offer volunteer support to revert sisters, as SOLACE has been set up specifically to meet their needs. However other sisters are welcome to browse the website for useful links and services that are open to all. 

Please also note that at present the volunteer support is only available London-wide. However we do provide a Outside London Phoneline Support Service for revert sisters outside London.