Complaints Policy

SOLACE is committed to provide the best possible service and recognizes managing complaints and feedback is an important part of this. Complaints and feedback help to improve the service and are welcomed. 

SOLACE aims to ensure that:

a) Complaints are managed efficiently and within the targeted time frame

b) Complaints are resolved at an early stage to the satisfactory of both parties

c) The complainant is kept informed about the management process of the complaint and outcome of any investigation

d) Complaints are kept confidential

e) Complaints and feedback are used to identify and implement service improvements

How to raise a complaint or provide feedback:

a) Complaints and feedback are welcomed by SOLACE and part of Continuous Improvement Planning

b) Complaints and feedback can be received via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What happens next?

a) SOLACE aims to acknowledge complaints within 5 working days. This can be done via post, e-mail or phone, depending on the details provided on the complaint

b) Name and contact details of the person dealing with the complaint will be provided to the complainant.

c) The person dealing with the complaint will investigate the details of the complaint and inform complainant of the outcome of the complaint within 25 working days.

What if the outcome of the complaint is not satisfactory?

a) If the complainant is not happy with the outcome of the raised complaint a review can be requested. The request must be received in writing within 25 working days after notification of the outcome.

Review requests can be submitted at following address:

(Different address to the above, possibly address of Amir or Deputy)

Or via e-mail:

b) SOLACE will acknowledge the request for review within 5 working days.

c) SOLACE will review the complaint and contact the complainant within 25 working days with the outcome of the review.

d) By the will of Allah complaints can be resolved at latest this stage to the satisfactory of both parties.


a) Complaints are kept confidential and only shared on a need to know basis within the organisation.

b) Complaints might have to be shared with relevant Keyworkers and volunteers as part of the investigation and resolving process.

c) Complaints might be shared within the organisation in order to monitor, review and improve the quality of the service.

d) Complaints will be held on file for two year and then destroyed.