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Account Number: 53989321 
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Account Number: 53989321 
Sort Code: 202178
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SOLACE UK believes no revert sister should be facing difficulties alone. We are committed to providing support for post-shahaadah problems such as, loneliness, isolation, abandonment by non muslim family and friends, abuse, doubts in faith, and thoughts of leaving Islam. Read More

The Problem...

Since 2011, we have received 900+ cases from revert sisters in difficulty from London, other UK cities and other countries around the world such as Chile, USA, Canada, New Zealand, India, France, Germany and the list goes on. We are constantly inundated with requests.
The Support Scheme needs to expand to other areas nationally and internationally. You can make this a reality so that after reverting, no revert sister suffers alone or contemplates leaving Islam.

openquote1I ran away from my non Muslim family who wanted to kill me. I had no money and nowhere to live. I was sleeping rough in a park. SOLACE immediately found a place for me to stay.
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openquote1I am 67 years old. I became Muslim 2 years ago. I felt extremely lonely as all the local sisters to me are mostly young mothers. SOLACE helped me find other sisters my own age and I now wake up smiling again. 
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openquote1I have learning difficulties and became Muslim in 2007 in a small village in Yorkshire. I tried to find Muslims to teach me how to pray. I went to one mosque and they told me women were not allowed here and closed the door in my face. With the help of SOLACE in 2011, I have just learnt how to recite surah fatiha. 
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On behalf of all of the service users who receive support from SOLACE UK, we would like to say jazakhaAllahukhairan for your donation. We ask Allah (Subhanahuwata'ala) to relieve your difficulties just as your kind donation will go towards relieving the difficulty of a revert sister. Ameen.