Foreword by Sister Na'ima B. Robert


Witnessing someone enter the fold of Islam is always a cause for celebration: a celebration of guidance, a celebration of Allah ta'ala's Mercy and favour, a celebration of a fresh start with a clean slate.

However, few know the hardships and trials that are often part of the adjustment to life as a Muslim. For many born Muslims, the hard work of da'wah - explaining, discussing, responding to questions, doubts and challenges - is over once the shahadah is pronounced: this is the time when those around the new Muslim celebrate. 

Unfortunately, once the initial excitement dies down, there are few left to help that new sister adjust to life as a Muslim in a truly holistic way. For a convert to Islam, there remain a myriad of challenges and huge lifestyle adjustments ahead. 

And this is why an organisation like SOLACE is so vitally important. Just one glance at the organisation's aims and objectives is enough to see the mammoth task that these sisters have undertaken. To be compassionate enough, resourceful enough and brave enough to dedicate themselves to helping sisters get through the most difficult and personal of problems is something to be admired and supported.

I pray that Allah ta'ala blesses the sisters behind SOLACE with a pure intention, patience, resilience, courage and strength. In the role that they have so nobly taken on, they will need all these qualities and more.

May Allah bless them and their families with success through this venture, ameen.

Na'ima B. Robert

Author of 'From my sisters' lips' and founder of SISTERS, the magazine for fabulous Muslim women