Sister F, London

on Sunday, 04 November 2012.

SOLACE is very grateful to all the brothers and sisters who have supported the work we do by way of:

  • creating awareness of the problems that plague many revert sisters
  • donating and fundraising

From time to time, we would like to share some testimonials from service users who really worked hard to overcome their difficulties with a little help from SOLACE along the way. They are the real stars of SOLACE and are an inspiration to the SOLACE team to continue in what we do...trying to support revert sisters in difficulty.

In this weekly series, we share their stories...

Sister F, London

Salaam alaykum sisters.

I wanted to share my experiences,overcoming difficulty and how Solace helped to support me in dealing with these difficulties.

I come from a Catholic background,but had felt Islam in my heart for many years.Last year i was finally honest with myself that i wanted to live a Muslim life and convert.I then confided in Muslim friends about it and asked them to help me.

They helped me gain more knowledge and i started to learn how to pray.I felt so happy that i was finally living the life i wanted but had a sadness in my heart as i had to keep it a secret form my family.I did Shahada in February this year and it was after doing Shahada that things got a bit difficult for me,as i was still living at home with my parents and by then was praying more,but had to do it in secret,and that was hard at times,and also i wasn't always able to eat halal food,and all this was causing me to be very distressed.

I didn't know how i should tell my family,and was very anxious about how they would react.

I also decided that maybe it would be best to leave home,before telling my parents,to give them space and time to understand,when i did tell them.But i was finding it very hard to find somewhere decent and affordable to live.

I was becoming so distressed about it i decided to contact Solace,and fill out a referral form explaining my situation.

Not long after contacting Solace i was contacted by someone and talked things through and that in itself,helped me to feel a bit better.

I was then assigned a key worker to meet up with to work through my difficulties and talk about the next steps to move forward.

It was at this time that Solace informed be of a sister who contacted them asking if any sister's would like to flat share with her.And as Solace knew i was looking for a new place to live,they passed on the details of the sister.

And Allhumdullillah,things started to improve for me.I moved home,and am now sharing a flat with a lovely sister.

The Solace support workers have been keeping in touch with me,and helping me to move on to the next step of telling my parents.

And Allhudullliah i was moved to tell my parents the first day of Ramadan-my first Ramadan.And after i explained how i truly feel Islam in my heart and have done for a long time and that i am not going against them and that i will always love and respect them,they took the news quite well and were quite understanding-MashAllah!

My life is happy and peaceful-now that i can be a Muslima freely!

Any sisters who are going through a difficult and hard time,contact Solace who-InshaAllah, will give you the support and strength and confidence,to get through your hardships,as they did for me-Allhumdulillah!

May Allah SWT bless and reward all the good work that the sisters of Solace do.

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