"When SOLACE was just an idea, we knew there was a demand but we didn't know how we would professionally meet the demand of so many revert sisters who are experiencing difficulties. We feel that Allah (Swt) has blessed this organisation in so many amazing ways. We are all grateful to Allah (Swt) for honouring us with doing this work. As the Amira of SOLACE, I often shed a tear when I see a destitute and depressed revert sister enter into SOLACE and leave as a refreshed, confident Muslimah full of zeal and emaan. The team are a wonderful team mashaAllah and without all involved, from the Keyworkers to the volunteers, SOLACE wouldn't be SOLACE. The testimonials below are extremely touching. I ask Allah (Swt) to reward everyone with a lofty position in His Gardens as a result of the hard work they put into transforming lives...Ameen." (Mother of 3, Director of SOLACE)

Testimonials from Service Users

Testimonials from Volunteers