Testimonials from Volunteers

  • openquote1Being a volunteer is humbling. It has enabled me to appreciate the blessing of Allah upon me. And at times of hardship, I am able to compare my own to those of other revert sisters in difficulty and it gives me strength to be more patient with my trials.

    (mother of 5, South SOLACE Volunteer)

  • openquote1Sometimes we doubt what we do and if Allah has accepted it... we shouldn't under-estimate any good deed we do, no matter how small as we just don't know its outcome."

    (mother of 1, South SOLACE Volunteer)

  • openquote1The Prophet (saw) said " The best of you is the one who is most beneficial to people." I pray that my small part within SOLACE will benefit me in the Akhirah inshaAllah."

    (mother of 4, South London Keyworker)

  • openquote1 Solace has taught me invaluable skills, like knowing how to listen to someone in need of help, while refraining from giving my own advice or opinion. I have been able to use these skills in other situations and I have found this is often the kind of help people expect from you, help that empowers them rather than telling them what to do. Although i have not worked on a case yet, I feel very humbled to be accepted as a volunteer with Solace with the intention of helping sisters in need. It is such a worthwhile cause and I look forward to doing my best inshallah, be it, lending an ear, a hand, a shoulder...

    (student, North SOLACE Volunteer)

  • openquote1To be a volunteer for an Islamic charity is a first for me and being a part of Solace is truly a blessing from the owner of the heavens and the earth, as the experience has been both enlightening and overwhelming. Not only have I learned so much from the training sessions, of which have totally changed my mind set. But the team truly value and carefully calculate how to treat the volunteers. Moreover, to be working alongside woman who are passionate and enthusiastic believers, for a common goal nourishes the souls beyond belief. ALHAMDULILAH and May Allah swt make Solace grow in success...AMEEN!"

    (student, West SOLACE Volunteer)

  • openquote1My eyes have been opened - I feel extremely humbled and even more honoured to be given the opportunity to work with SOLACE. It has opened up a whole new world to me, Alhumdulillah.

    (working sister, East SOLACE Volunteer)

  • openquote1Being a busy mother at home and rarely getting to the local masjid, I felt frustrated not to be involved in helping other sisters. Now, my experiences as a SOLACE Keyworker leave me humbled, grateful for every blessing I have, and so thankful to Allah swt for this opportunity to work alongside revert sisters in difficulty."

    (mother, East London Keyworker)

  • openquote1It is an honour and truly humbling to be of service to those who are in distress in our sisterhood

    (mother of 1, South London Keyworker)

  • openquote1Working hands in hands with my sisters in islam to relieve our sisters in difficulty is a wonderful experience of solidarity and unity of the muslim oumma,it gives a lot of hope for the furture of our community

    (mother of 6, East London Keyworker)

  • openquote1There's tremendous goodness and a feeling of achievement with Allah when you help another person in need. Solace has helped me gain just that; helping dear sisters in Islam go through problems and come out of the tunnel brings much goodness to a person and their community.

    (teacher, West London Keyworker)

  • openquote1Knowing how isolated and anxious I was after reverting to Islam, it is truely wonderful to be able to help my fellow sisters to potentially aleviate some of that loneliness.

    (mother of 5, Hull Keyworker)

  • openquote1I feel blessed to be a part of solace helping my fellow sisters."

    (mother of 4, Outside London Keyworker)

  • openquote1SOLACE is a true blessing for the community.

    (manager, North London Keyworker)